November 09, 2023

AT&T Text-Blocking Sets a Record

Matt Bailey
Matt Bailey Assistant Vice President – Product Management & Development

AT&T ActiveArmor Offers New Text-Filtering Features for Even More Protection

We know that spam texts and robocalls are a pain. That’s why we’re pleased to give important updates on our spam-fighting AT&T ActiveArmorSM.

Our new and better network filters blocked more than 1 billion spam text messages from reaching customers in July – our highest-ever total. Every month since then, customers have collectively reported one-third fewer spam texts getting through to their phones.

We block spam texts for everyone on our network – you don’t have to do a thing. But if you download the free AT&T ActiveArmor mobile security app, you can now get even more control of incoming text messages:

  • You can block email-to-text messages – a consistent source of spam. These are texts that appear to come from an email address.1 Just review the terms and toggle a switch on the ActiveArmor app.
  • You can have your text messages sorted into separate folders if you use the app on an iPhone. The folders include unknown senders, junk, promotions, and transactions. You decide whether to get a text notification for each category. No other major US carrier offers this feature.

We also want to offer a big thank you. Your tips have been helping the anti-spam effort! Customers started forwarding us much more suspected text spam about a year ago when the process became easier on most devices. This has helped us investigate and block similar spam messages and even take down malicious websites.

If you would like to share suspicious texts to help our cause, you can find “report junk” instructions at AT&T CyberAware.

That’s the latest news on spam texts. But we haven’t forgotten robocalls. Just like spam texts, slightly fewer are being sent these days, for good reasons:

  • Busted! AT&T has taken a leadership role in the Industry Traceback Group, which tracks spam calls to the source. This leads directly to enforcement actions like the FCC’s record penalty against an auto warranty robocaller, and the FTC joining 50 state attorneys general in Operations Stop Scam Calls.
  • We know their tricks. We’re using technology like machine learning and the power of the AT&T network to detect and frustrate illegal robocallers.
  • We block all the fraud calls we can find. And we label suspected spam calls so you can choose to answer or not. We do this for every customer on our network – more than a billion blocked or labeled calls a month.
  • You can fine-tune your robocall settings if you download the AT&T ActiveArmor app. For instance, you can block all suspected spam calls, or send every call to voicemail if it’s not from one of your contacts.

We’re customer obsessed, so we take unwanted texts and calls very seriously. We’re committed to ensuring that when your phone rings or buzzes, it’s a real connection to possibility.

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