We’ve rounded the corner into 2020, just as we’re rounding the corner on our sub6 5G network being rolled out. As we look ahead at what’s important for AT&T – and for our customers – one technology keeps coming into view. Edge computing.

Edge computing – along with 5G – is another revolutionary technology for business. It can dramatically reduce latency and increase security. To find out more about how it works, check out the video below.

At AT&T we are doubling down on edge computing solutions. We’ve been working with some of our customers, bringing edge compute along with 5G to their businesses. Building new capabilities. And learning all of the ways that businesses can use it, including applications across healthcare, manufacturing, drone detection, even corporate training.

So going into the new year, we’re calling our shot on how important edge compute is going to be this year. And outlining our strategies to make the most out of it. Because make no mistake: 2020 is going to be the year of the edge.

Strategy #1: Build 5G and edge technologies together.

We’ve said it for a long time – 5G and edge compute go hand in hand. Not just how they’re used. How they’re actually built.

We’re working with cloud service providers to add edge compute technology into our network centers as we’re upgrading them for our 5G deployment. And we plan to have edge compute capabilities live in more markets by the end of the year.

Plus, most of our mmWave 5G customers have used on-premise edge compute hardware to deploy a private 5G network for their business. This on-premise equipment can also bring new computing options for business applications, and the ability to deploy their own custom applications – which we’ll be sharing more about this year.

Strategy #2: Give our customers a choice when it comes to cloud and edge services

Whether the compute is in our network, or on the customer’s premise, we can’t do edge computing alone. It’s a coordinated effort that we’re working on with other key players in the ecosystem.

With all the different things companies can do with edge compute, there are all types of cloud applications and cloud companies in the mix. And we’re working with cloud companies across the board to deliver on the promise of 5G with edge computing.

Strategy #3:  Build new things with our customers and developers. Together.

Our entire edge strategy is based around what our customers actually need. And solving real problems for them. We’re not building this in a silo. We’re doing everything with customers. We are trying new things. Proving new concepts. Building new capabilities.

Developers are a big part of it too. Because like we said, we’re not building this in a silo. We’re the networking glue that’s holding all of the pieces together that make computing at the edge possible.

All signs point to 2020 being an important year for the edge. We’re dedicated to bringing this technology to the forefront of businesses – which is not just going to benefit our business customers, but consumers as well. And now that businesses are starting to understand more of what edge compute can do, the doors are wide open for new ideas on where to go next.

A simple explainer on edge compute: