Welcome to AT&T Summer Camp

For kids across the country, summer camp is something to look forward to all year long. It’s a time when they connect with friends, try new things, discover untapped talents and grow as individuals. This summer, we’re reimagining the summer camp experience.

Introducing AT&T Summer Camp.

AT&T Summer Camp features free activities, curated from a variety of nonprofits, that engage kids in learning new skills. Kids will be able to cultivate their writing skills with 826 National, code their own games with Scratch and submit videos to Reel Works’ Reel Viral Challenge. And AT&T Summer Camp isn’t just for kids. The whole family can enjoy the experience as every activity will be paired with a WarnerMedia show or movie that brings the activity to life in an entertaining way. A different AT&T Summer Camp activity and entertainment pairing will be spotlighted each week on social media.

While we know this summer will be different than normal, families should still have access to the camp experience. AT&T Summer Camp builds on our Distance Learning & Family Connections Fund, created to give families the tools and connections they need for at-home learning. To support AT&T Summer Camp, we’re contributing more than $5 million to organizations that engage kids in subjects including literacy, STEM, filmmaking and more.

Beginning this week, and every Wednesday through August, follow @ATTimpact to get the latest AT&T Summer Camp activities and share your family’s experiences using #ATTSummerCamp.

6/19: Week 1 of AT&T Summer Camp focuses on standing for equality and features social studies activities from Wide Open School and resources for families about race and racism from Common Sense Media. We’re also spotlighting content that can help families have a conversation about these important topics, like the CNN Sesame Street town hall for kids and families on racism, Great Big Story’s video series honoring 70 years of human rights, or Warner Media’s “Just Mercy” film about attorney Bryan Stevenson’s fight for civil rights.

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6/26: Week 2 of AT&T Summer Camp’s theme is “Imagine & Build”. Join the Cardboard Challenge co-hosted by AT&T, Imagination.org, and Two Bit Circus Foundation. Need inspiration? Check out the stories of creative problem solvers changing how we recycle or of David Aguilar’s design of a prosthetic arm made of LEGO all from Great Big Story. And watch Emmet and his friends change the universe with their creations in The LEGO Movie.


7/1: Week 3’s theme is “Extra! Extra! Read All About It!” Everyone has a story to tell and we want to read yours. Use 826 Digital’s remote learning kit to set the scene, develop your character, and unlock your imagination. Or submit an article to Six Feet of Separation, a virtual newspaper by kids and for kids. Learn about the powerful role journalism has played in history with Warner Bros.' All the President's Men.

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7/8: We’re having a dance off! Code your own dance party with Code.org or check out their other at-home coding resources. Share your dance party with us on social media using #ATTSummerCamp. Then keep the party going and groove along to the unstoppable beats of Hairspray, available on HBO Max.

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7/15: Lights, Camera, Action! This week at AT&T Summer Camp, we’re exploring filmmaking, an especially powerful tool to raise voices, to define moments and to connect communities. Create a video on how it feels to be connected right now and submit it to Ghetto Film School's Film Credits challenge. Or submit a video to Reel Works’ #ReelViralChallenge showing a positive way to cure boredom at home.

Then watch the classic film The Wizard of Oz - inducted in the National Film Registry for being "culturally, historically, or aesthetically significant". Want to learn more about movies? Watch CNN’s original series “The Movies” or Great Big Story’s “The Movies Then and Now”. 

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7/22: This week at #ATTSummerCamp we're indulging our sweet tooth. Use candy wrappers to create a piece of art or check out P.S. ARTS' To Go! project inspired by the artwork of Minerva Cuevas. Hungry for more? With step-by-step instructions from a Teaching Artist and easy to find materials, you can create anywhere with P.S. ARTS' To Go! projects inspired by notable artists and artworks. Share your finished To Go! projects on social media using #psartstogo and #ATTSummerCamp.

Next, check out the fascinating history behind some of your favorite treats like cotton candy and why we dip cookies in milk in Great Big Story's “Stories That Will Give You A Sugar Rush”. Then visit the world's largest candy factory in Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory.

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7/29 This week at #ATTSummerCamp, we're brushing up on our math skills and taking our talents to the virtual basketball court! Pick your favorite team and perfect your math skills with the NBAMathHoops app from Learn Fresh. Then, finish the week with a showing of the basketball game of the century when the Tune Squad faces off against the alien Monstars in Warner Bros.' Space Jam, available on HBO Max. 

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8/5 Make your own virtual pet with Scratch! Bring it to life with code, by making it talk, eat, play games, and anything else you can imagine. Check out this tutorial or code along with Zoë from the Scratch Team, then take a look at the virtual pets others have created and shared. Go to Scratch and start creating a pet of your own! Discover the largest animal hospital in Europe and more stories for pet lovers in videos from Great Big Story. End the week with everyone’s favorite pet and the mystery gang as they set off on another adventure in SCOOB!, available on HBO Max.

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8/12 Bring on the girl power! Check out coding activities from Girls Who Code and Girls Scouts. Check out a mental health chat and other resources from Girls Inc. Watch Great Big Story and guest editor Gillian Jacob’s “Women in STEM” videos to explore stories of women making a difference in their career field. Wrap up the week with the ultimate girl power movie: Wonder Woman.

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8/19 It’s the final week of AT&T Summer Camp! We’re beating the heat and diving into the ocean blue. Learn about animal behaviors in a lesson from Khan Academy. Watch episodes about marvelous sea creatures in “The Aquatic World” from Great Big Story. Finish your AT&T Summer Camp experience with Free Willy from Warner Bros.

Still want more? Refresh your knowledge with even more courses available on Khan Academy and check out the extensive movie library available through HBO Max

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Thank you for joining us at AT&T Summer Camp. Over the past 10 weeks, we hope you’ve enjoyed participating in the Cardboard Challenge, submitting an article to Six Feet of Separation, learning about animal behaviors with Khan Academy or doing one of the other activities that was featured. Hopefully you and your family were able to gather to watch a favorite WarnerMedia movie, connecting the activities of the week with a little family fun.

Check out one of our camp-goers’ experience with the Cardboard Challenge.

My name is Amelie Rosas, I am 11 years old, and I’m from Los Angeles.

What did you build for the Cardboard Challenge this year?

This year I made a cardboard remote, a small 3D T.V. remote. 

How many years have you done the Cardboard Challenge?

I have done the Cardboard Challenge for 2 years.

What is your favorite thing you have ever built as a part of the Cardboard Challenge?

My favorite thing I have built as a part of the Cardboard Challenge is a little pie shop, it was blue and decorated with other colors but it was mostly blue. 

What did you learn from this challenge?

I have learned that when I get mad about a piece of cardboard not folding the way I want to fold, I just have to accept it.

What do you want to do when you grow up?

I’m not completely sure yet but I’m looking forward to acting. 

While summer may be coming to an end, the learning doesn’t stop. Follow @ATTimpact for back to school activities, updates and more. From everyone at AT&T, we wish you a safe and healthy school year with exciting new opportunities – whether you’re in the classroom or online.