What we see has an enormous influence on what we will be. We’re helping to lead the SeeHer movement to eliminate gender stereotypes in advertising and media.  AT&T is proud to showcase our company’s 140+ year history of pioneering women in the workplace and our current efforts to improve the representation of women and girls in content, inspiring them to achieve their own greatness.

AT&T was the first SeeHer member to copy-test all our ads using the Gender Equality Measure (GEM™), which measures how Authentic, Respectful, Appropriate and Positive women and girls are portrayed. We reached the SeeHer goal of 20% improvement two years ahead of the 2020 goal and through 2019, AT&T’s has improved the portrayal of women & girls in its ads by 42%.

In 2019, AT&T partnered with the ANA to launch #SeeHerInSports, to drive discussion and actions across organizations – from leagues and teams, to advertisers and broadcasters – to level the playing field for women’s sports through increased representation, visibility, distribution and coverage.