AT&T Carbon Neutral 5G

Protecting the planet and living sustainably is important to our customers. Now, when you buy a 5G device† in select retail stores in Austin, TX and activate with a qualifying AT&T unlimited plan (min. $75/mo. before discounts),* we’ll offset the carbon footprint of your device and network use – at no extra cost to you through March 1, 2022.* This is just one way we’re helping create a better future.

AT&T may temporarily slow data speeds if the network is busy.

†5G req’s compatible plan. 5G may not be in your area. See for 5G coverage details.

*Limited time offer. While supplies last. $30 Activation/Upgrade, additional fees, taxes and other charges, and restrictions apply. See below for details.

How It Works

To make your 5G device carbon neutral, we invest in two kinds of projects that reduce or remove carbon dioxide from the air. We harness clean energy from wind and solar energy projects and we purchase greenhouse gas offsets to cover the carbon it takes to assemble, manufacture, ship and use your device. And, AT&T produces enough renewable energy to offset greenhouse emissions associated with average network usage over the average lifespan of the qualifying devices (up to 3 years).  These offsets are validated and verified by a third-party to ensure the projects truly deliver positive environmental benefits and directly support two regional tree planting projects.

Supporting Tree-Planting Efforts

Trees are a powerful, natural tool to remove carbon dioxide from the air and help protect our planet. As part of our AT&T Carbon Neutral 5G promotion in Austin, we’re supporting two regional tree-planting projects.

Central Texas Floodplain Reforestation Program

This program restores healthy forest buffers along streams within a 6-county region in Texas, including significant activity in the Austin area. Since 1989, the program has planted nearly 3 million trees, distributed over 125,000 trees to local residents, engaged over 19,000 volunteers, and educated children and adults about planting, protecting and sustaining trees.

Mississippi Alluvial Valley Reforestation Program

This program partners with more than 600 private landowners in the Mississippi Alluvial Valley (MAV) to restore forests on their land. The MAV provides vital habitats for animal and plant species. But it’s the most deforested region in the Southeast, losing more than 75% of its forests.

The reforestation program drives efforts that restore wildlife habitat, remove carbon, and create local employment opportunities. To date, it has planted 50 million trees and sequestered 6.3 million tons of cumulative verified carbon. It also helps small, family landowners thrive. Like Mr. Pettis Williams, a fourth-generation landowner in Texas with 33 acres in the MAV. Mr. Williams earns income to support his family by planting trees and participating in the reforestation program.

We’re excited to be the first in our industry to offer a Carbon Neutral 5G device and empower our customers to help the planet.