The Vail Award was established in 1920 as a lasting memorial to Theodore N. Vail, the first president of AT&T. Vail was known for his deep respect for humanity and his strong sense of community. The Vail Award recognizes heroic acts or special service carried out by employees and retirees of AT&T and its wholly owned subsidiaries. These actions benefit the company or the community.   They also show the highest degree of judgment, initiative, resourcefulness and courage. The AT&T Global Vail Committee meets quarterly to determine Vail winners who are awarded citations, medals and cash payments.

Gregory J. Congdon, AT&T customer services specialist in Stevens Point, WI., was recognized for his heroism while on the job.  While working on an aerial cable, Gregory began to smell smoke wafting over the tree tops.  Upon further investigation, he found a blaze burning in the garage of a nearby house.  When he approached the front door, he heard crying. He entered the home to find a little girl, about 2 years old.  He wrapped her in his jacket and brought her outside to safety. Then Gregory returned to the home and discovered an elderly woman and man in the kitchen. He quickly escorted them to safety.

Gregory put himself in harm’s way to help others. AT&T proudly recognized him as the Theodore N. Vail Silver Award recipient for second quarter of 2013.