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At AT&T, our customers have been busy mobilizing everything – including their homes – thanks to products like AT&T Wireless Home Phone. Since we launched it in 2012, we've introduced many enhancements to our popular Wireless Home Phone service, such as:


And in 2013, we introduced a trial launch of a new product, AT&T Wireless Home Phone & Internet, in select Northeast markets. In addition to all of the great features of Wireless Home Phone, the new Wireless Home Phone & Internet service can access 4G LTE mobile Internet in 4G LTE coverage areas by connecting up to 10 Wi-Fi capable devices.[i]   

Now, it gets even better. Starting tomorrow, Wireless Home Phone & Internet availability is expanding nationwide. [ii] Customers across the U.S. will be able to get Wireless Home Phone & Internet and enjoy more flexibility with their home phone and Internet service, all while keeping their budget in check.  

  • How does it work? AT&T Wireless Home Phone & Internet allows customers to complete calls from their existing home phone handset using the AT&T wireless network—which covers more than 99% of all Americans— instead of a landline connection. [iii] This means that you have the option to keep your existing home phone number and handsets, and take your Wireless Home Phone & Internet device called “Home Base” with you on vacation, to a remote work location, second home, or any other location in the United States where there is an AT&T wireless connection. In addition, you get mobile Internet service (including access to 4G LTE where available) by connecting up to 10 Wi-Fi capable devices such as tablets, smartphones and laptops, all in one device.
  • And the set-up is easy: Just locate an area within your home or office with a good cellular signal, plug your Wireless Home Phone & Internet device (Home Base) into an electrical outlet, connect your existing corded or cordless home phone equipment into the device – and you’re all set!

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