As our customer or potential customer, we want to deliver you a quick, easy, effortless experience at every touch point. And that’s exactly what we expect – and demand – from ourselves. When our customers are happy, we earn their trust. And that trust translates to long-term loyalty and a willingness to recommend us to friends and family.

We’re proud of the work we’ve done to elevate our customer care to the highest level. And people have noticed. This year, in fact, J.D. Power recognized our work with two honors. We were recognized for “Highest Ranked Customer Service Performance among Full Service Wireless Providers” and also ranked “Highest Satisfaction with the Purchase Experience Among Full Service Wireless Providers.”

This recognition is the result of how we care for our customers. It’s about greeting people warmly. It’s about giving them your undivided attention. It’s about being genuinely concerned and compassionate. And sometimes, this approach leads to some extraordinary outcomes – things that go well beyond the scope of our products and services.

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