DIRECTV subscribers can enjoy up to 5 basketball games per week in HD during the regular season on their TVs and through and the DIRECTV Sports App; plus, they can access additional programming by subscribing to NBA League Pass

Starting Oct. 16, DIRECTV Sports 2 will offer up to 123 live NBA games in HD that can be watched on DIRECTV Sports SD (channel 612) and DIRECTV Sports 2 HD (channel 1612). The games can also be streamed live online through and through the DIRECTV Sports App.

That’s 96 regular season games and up to 20 Playoff games, including the East Conference finals.

Plus, with NBA League Pass, subscribers can access up to 2 other games per night on channel 675 and up to one more game per night on channel 676 during the regular season. NBA League Pass gives subscribers online access to all games during the season, including the NBA Playoffs and the Finals.

NBA TV subscribers will also have access to a 24-hour channel dedicated to basketball, including a game per day during the 2018-2019 regular season; NBA Action, which offers exclusive basketball programming; and Zona NBA, which features original content from DIRECTV Sports.

With this offer, DIRECTV Sports continues its leadership in the transmission of global basketball programming, giving subscribers access to the best leagues around the world on all their devices.

Programming is available in Argentina, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador, Peru, Uruguay and Venezuela. DIRECTV Play, and DIRECTV Sports App are authenticated platforms available to DIRECTV subscribers in these countries.

Programming Information

DIRECTV Sports 2 SD (Channel 612)

DIRECTV Sports 2 HD (Channel 1612)

DIRECTV Sports SD (Channel 610)

DIRECTV Sports HD (Channel 1610)