Join Us in Experiencing Magic Leap One’s Unique Design and Technology That Creates Unbelievably Believable Experiences Through Spatial Computing

Beginning next week, AT&T* and Magic Leap will take the leap to a new reality, further enhancing the way consumers experience their world. The Magic Leap One Creator Edition and AT&T are enhancing the way consumers experience their world. Magic Leap One stimulates your senses through spatial computing where the digital world enhances the physical world. The initial launch will operate over a Wi-Fi connection and provide new communication and entertainment experiences at a whole new level.

The Magic Leap One wearable computer will be available in AT&T flagship stores in Boston (Boylston) on April 1, Chicago (Michigan Avenue) on April 3 and San Francisco (1 Powell) on April 6.

When you stop by an AT&T store you’ll be able to engage in an immersive experience like never before. The Magic Leap One technology brings elements of HBO’s iconic Game of Thrones universe into the real world, allowing you to interact with the content in a completely new way.

"Our journey with Magic Leap to transform industry and consumer experiences starts today with the launch of the Magic Leap One only available from AT&T," said John Donovan, CEO, AT&T Communications. "Together with Magic Leap, we're making the future of education, telemedicine, sports, entertainment and everyday experiences extraordinary. But there's so much more creativity ahead. 5G will help drive the next generation of spatial computing that will deliver immersive, interactive content everywhere."

"AT&T’s investment in 5G will enable the widespread adoption of emerging and innovative technologies like Magic Leap’s spatial computing and will help to redefine how we access and experience everything from work, play, communication, media, healthcare and education,” said Rony Abovitz, CEO of Magic Leap. “The Magic Leap team and I are excited to take this next step in our exclusive partnership, tapping into AT&T’s vast retail distribution and the Magicverse innovations that will be powered by their game changing 5G network.”

In each of the three stores, Game of Thrones presents the Dead Must Die, a Magic Leap Encounter that challenges the bravest of fans to confront a White Walker and lead the fight for the living. Curious visitors will be fitted with a Magic Leap One and step into a physical representation of King’s Landing, which instantly transforms into an ominous, icy scene that begs investigation. With torch in hand, visitors become soldiers in a standoff, as a frozen portal reveals the deadly world beyond the wall. It’s scary to see a White Walker, but it’s much scarier when it sees you.

Don’t live in one of our initial launch cities or don’t want to wait in line? You’re in luck. You can order online at starting April 5.

The Magic Leap One is a lightweight, wearable spatial computer that seamlessly blends the digital and physical worlds, allowing digital content to coexist with real world objects and the people around you. It sees what you see and uses its understanding of surroundings and context to create unbelievably believable experiences.

With Magic Leap One you can shop and explore objects as you pull the web out from screens and into the world around you. Watch movies, shows, sports and more as you walk or in your space by opening virtual screens wherever you want them, big or small. Unbox your gameplay as characters jump into your world. Feel like you are there when you connect, communicate and share experiences with friends and colleagues digitally in physical space.

Key features of the Magic Leap One include:

  • Light up your mind. Break away from those flat screens and get engaged in the world of spatial computing. Feel like you are in the action when you encounter robot invaders pouring through your living room walls or dodge jellyfish after you’ve turned your kitchen into a coral reef.
  • Entertainment comes to light Enjoy next level viewing by placing virtual screens wherever you want them, big or small. Enjoy live primetime favorites, news, sports, and amazing on-demand titles. Watching your favorite NBA team? With Magic Leap’s screens platform, you’ll be able to summon multiple, virtual screens into your field of view to enjoy your favorite stats, replays and commentary — all without missing the game action.
  • Unbox your gameplay. Magic Leap One brings characters into your world with the games you love into the space you love, so any room in your house can feel like an arcade
  • Feel like you’re there. Different cities. Same room. Hang out with friends, share screens, and collaborate in real time as you connect with them in physical space digitally. With Magic Leap One, you can feel like you are in Hong Kong and Houston at the same time.
  • Measure with a look. Will that table fit in your space? Do those shoes match your dress? How will that paint color look? Wonder no more as you save time and effort while enjoying next gen shopping convenience. Pull and place digital objects off the screen and into your space to make those shopping decisions with ease.

And, this is just the beginning for AT&T and Magic Leap. This Spring, we’ll introduce a DIRECTV NOW Beta on Magic Leap in addition to the CNN branded experience currently available, providing AT&T customers spatial enablement of video content wherever you want it. Engage in up to 4 video players and surf DIRECTV NOW’s entire live and on-demand video catalog.

In addition, we are preparing for a 5G future by bringing 5G to the Magic Leap campus later this year, so developers can innovate in near-real-time on a live 5G network.  Additionally, Magic Leap is an initial participant in the AT&T 5G Innovation Program, where they are working with us to develop ideas and test use cases on our live mobile 5G network.

AT&T also recently had an exciting Magic Leap/Jordan Spieth experience at Pebble Beach. Check out a highlight video here.

Enterprises are also looking at new ways to utilize Magic Leap across a number of industries including healthcare, retail and manufacturing as they explore how spatial computing and 5G could benefit their processes and customers. AT&T, Magic Leap and VITAS Healthcare launched a Virtual Reality Study for Hospice Patients.

The headset will be available for $2,295 at and in AT&T stores in Boston (Boylston), Chicago (Michigan Avenue), San Francisco (1 Powell) next week with others to stores to follow in the coming months.

For more information on the Magic Leap One headset only available from AT&T, go to