Exclusive Personal Delivery & Expert Setup for Consumers and Small Businesses in 54 Markets

We continue to meet customers where they are when they order the coolest devices through AT&T*.

AT&T Ready to Go gives you convenience, confidence and comfort

This exclusive and revamped initiative offers our customers personalized delivery and an on-demand store experience, when and where they choose — at home, work, a park, a coffee shop, movie theater, and anywhere in between.

The knowledgeable and friendly AT&T Ready to Go experts bring your device, along with select accessories and other services, right to you within hours of order1. If you’re not sure how to operate your new device, need help syncing apps or transferring contacts from an old phone, or just want to learn how to use some of the latest features, the experts will be there to answer any questions you may have – all at no extra cost. See it in action

“Our customers have busy lives, so we wanted to bring them an experience that’s personal and on their terms,” said Bala Subramanian, AT&T’s chief digital officer. “They want products to be setup by an expert and ready to use so they can stay connected. This is another way we are making it easier to enjoy more of your thing with AT&T.” 

We initially debuted AT&T Ready to Go in 15 major U.S. markets. Since then, we’ve completed thousands of deliveries with outstanding customer satisfaction and are now expanding to even more ZIP codes in 54 markets, covering more than half of U.S. households.

Fueling small businesses

We also offer this to millions of our eligible small business customers in the same markets.

Small business owners can take advantage of free personalized delivery and setup when ordering up to 5 new devices. And if a small business owner needs help understanding the mobility products and services available, an AT&T Ready to Go expert can help customers review their options and make more informed purchasing decisions.

AT&T is currently the only major U.S. carrier offering personal delivery and expert setup experiences to customers. We want small businesses to be able to focus on what drives them and let us focus on their technology needs. This initiative is one more way we’re helping fuel business transformation with edge-to-edge capabilities, empowering them with everything from mobility, Internet and TV.

“Businesses don’t want to hassle with their mobility and technology purchases – they want to focus on their customers and growth. That’s what matters most,” said Anne Chow, President - National Business, AT&T Business. “AT&T Ready to Go offers the convenience that small business owners want and need.”

With AT&T Ready to Go, customers experience the convenience of shopping online and confidence of our in-person delivery and setup from a trusted and trained expert, all in the comfort of their home or location of choice. We make sure your device works, your apps are synced, your music is queued and your life is connected. 

AT&T Ready to Go services provided by AT&T or an authorized vendor.