Gwen Frey of Chump Squad, and Creator of Game “Lab Rat,” Announced as Winner of First-of-its-Kind U.S. All-Women Game Developer Competition -- AT&T Unlocked Games

Abby Howard of Black Tabby Games and Creator of Game “Scarlet Hollow” Named Runner-Up by End Bosses and Gamers’ Choice by the Fans

Gwen Frey of Chump Squad, and Creator of Game “Lab Rat,” is the winner of the inaugural AT&T Unlocked Games, a groundbreaking game developer competition for women and women-led developer teams. 

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Gwen Frey of Chump Squad will receive: 

  • $50,000 toward final game development. 
  • A showcase spot to demonstrate her work as a VIP at AT&T’s Unlocked Games Experience at DreamHack 2021
  • Mentorship and a lifetime membership to International Game Developers Association (IDGA). 
  • Promotional and marketing support from AT&T, including a $3,000 credit toward AT&T devices and hotspots to keep her team connected and assist with game development.

Abby Howard of Black Tabby Games and creator of game “Scarlet Hollow” was named Runner-Up by the End Bosses. Scarlet Hollow was also the favorite among viewers and fans, as they voted it the winner of Gamers’ Choice.

As the winner of both prizes, Abby Howard of Black Tabby Games will receive:

  • $20,000 toward final game development.
  • A supporting spot at AT&T’s Unlocked Games Experience at DreamHack 2021.
  • $5,000 AT&T gift card to purchase any products like phones, tablets and hotspots to help keep her team connected, work on design elements or capture her game in action.

With AT&T Unlocked Games, AT&T is elevating, empowering and connecting women developers and women gamers to bring their creations to the world of gaming and inspire more women to do the same.

To learn more about the winners, visit and follow along with @ATT and #ATTUnlockedGames.

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