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AT&T Launches 5G Managed Advanced Security Capabilities to Further Protect Enterprise Network Infrastructure

AT&T’s security-first approach to 5G provides an operational and competitive edge for businesses

What’s the news?

AT&T* is introducing comprehensive, managed advanced security capabilities for 5G network deployments. The first security capability launching is a next-generation, managed firewall service to support AT&T 5G edge computing network solutions. This key service provides capabilities for threat visibility, prevention of advanced attacks at the application layer, and security policy enforcement, specifically for 5G-enabled IoT, OT and IT use cases. AT&T’s security-first approach to service design and delivery helps customers to design and scale security services with maximum simplicity and minimal risk. This approach provides an operational and competitive advantage to maximize wireless network investments, deliver advanced, secure mobile experiences, and bring new opportunities for edge solutions.

Why is this important?

The expanded use of private 5G environments and 5G edge computing has generated mobile-enabled critical infrastructure. With these wireless networks, businesses are adopting 5G technology and connecting IoT devices and industrial endpoints to support private, immersive experiences at the edge. As fast speeds and ultra-low latency from 5G-edge solutions are creating new uses, businesses need a safe network environment to innovate. This includes safe mobile access to the internet and protection against mobile network threats for remote works. These factors are driving the need for highly secure OT/IT environments and remote access to critical infrastructure.

Improved security is a key feature of 5G architecture as networks reach full compliance with 5G industry standards. As more enterprises and industries adopt 5G to connect their operational devices and applications, the attack surface increases. This can lead to new security threats, especially in the application layer, where protection is critical for manufacturing and industrial use cases. According to The AT&T Cybersecurity Insights™ Report: 5G and Journey to the Edge, just 9% of organizations had high confidence that their security posture was prepared for the rollout of 5G.

To protect businesses from cybersecurity threats and propel innovation, a managed solution that brings together cybersecurity expertise from trusted advisors and robust security defenses in the application layer is needed. With this approach, organizations can quickly and safely deploy wireless networks, protect access to mobile applications, and provide consistent protection across users.

What makes these new 5G security solutions different?

As a leading Managed Security Services and 5G provider, AT&T brings a deep understanding of cybersecurity and edge computing, and the ability to integrate with best-in-class technologies. To meet the needs of 5G-enabled businesses, the AT&T next-generation, managed firewall provides a highly functional layer of edge-compute security to networks by adding visibility and risk assessment to application use of on-premises-based 5G deployment. Native integration of the next generation firewall technology into the 5G network allows the introduction of new capabilities that will enable Zero Trust architectures, and threat detection. This native integration allows expanded security capabilities especially within the IoT/OT space.

Additionally, AT&T Wireless Broadband with AT&T Secure Web Gateway and AT&T Secure Remote Access provides highly secure connections to cloud-based business-critical applications. These expanded security capabilities provide a highly secure network environment for businesses to access the data and applications they need to bring 5G use cases to market.

AT&T man.aged security solutions include 24/7 management and monitoring of security threats across network environments through the AT&T Security Operations and Network Operations Centers.

When will these new solutions be available?
The 5G-enabled AT&T next-generation, managed firewall is immediately available. Additional security products and capabilities that support 5G network deployments will continue to be rolled out in the coming months.

Rupesh Chokshi, VP, AT&T Cybersecurity

"For organizations to fully utilize the power of 5G for innovation across their edge infrastructure, they need protection from security risks and vulnerabilities. Our security-first approach combines a highly functional layer of security with expertise in managed services and edge computing to help businesses deliver revolutionary outcomes.”

Ghasson Abdo, Research VP, Worldwide Telecommunications, IDC

With the shift of workloads to the mobile edge, enterprises need a comprehensive security solution to ensure a consistent security experience across a breadth of use cases. AT&T 5G managed security capabilities mitigate deployment and operational risks, allowing enterprises to focus their efforts on innovation at the 5G edge.”

Where can I find more information?
Learn more about our advanced 5G security solutions here.


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