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AT&T and Cradlepoint Deliver One of the First and the Most Comprehensive Portfolio of Enterprise-Tailored 5G Solutions in the U.S.

Expanding Current Offerings with IT-Focused 5G Enterprise Solutions for Branch and Mobile

AT&T (NYSE:T) and Cradlepoint are expanding their joint network offerings with one of the first and the most comprehensive portfolio of 5G solutions in the U.S. using AT&T Wireless Broadband – the first nationwide business-focused broadband network with 5G coverage to over 230 million people in 14,000 cities and towns. The new solutions combine clean-slate-designed Cradlepoint 5G wideband adapters and routers, and its NetCloud Service, with AT&T's nationwide wireless broadband network, data plans, and an AT&T management option for Cradlepoint devices. Together with AT&T Wireless Broadband, these comprehensive, enterprise-tailored 5G solutions give businesses the flexibility to choose the solution, speed, quality of service, and management structure that fits their needs, with no overage charges.

Built for 5G, Built for I.T.

When it comes to 5G wireless wide-area network (Wireless WAN) connectivity, enterprises want more than just a simple work-from-home solution and one-size-fits-all data plans. They want to support a broad set of branch and mobile use cases. They need increased end-to-end security and the tools to manage the entire Wireless WAN lifecycle – from deployment to daily operations – or to use an AT&T-managed service to do it for them. Together, AT&T and Cradlepoint offer a comprehensive portfolio of end-to-end 5G solutions in the U.S. that bring the speed and reliability of 5G to the critical use cases that drive business—all while helping to meet I.T. organizations' stringent security and management requirements.

"AT&T Wireless Broadband plays an essential role in bringing 5G to businesses nationwide," says Rasesh Patel, Chief Product and Platform Officer, AT&T Business. "Businesses continue to transform and are crucial in building an ecosystem that brings the benefits of 5G to life. So, we're delivering the tools for businesses to innovate fearlessly and build the foundation for a 5G world." 

Bringing 5G to SD-WAN

In the enterprise, SD-WAN is synonymous with branch networking. The Cradlepoint W-Series Wideband Adapters provide a cloud-managed 5G modem that works seamlessly with SD-WAN architectures. Enterprises can use 5G with SD-WAN as a primary connection, to augment a wireline link, or a high-speed failover connection. AT&T offers SD-WAN solutions, including AT&T Wireless Broadband, for virtually any business need with next-generation software in the cloud for enhanced agility, control, and visibility. Together, AT&T and Cradlepoint provide enterprises with multiple options for bringing 5G to SD-WAN.

New Mobile 5G Use Cases

For commercial and public sector organizations with large field forces and fleets, the vehicle acts as a communications hub to vital business, fleet management, and IoT applications. Cradlepoint R1900 is the first 5G mobile router with a clean-slate design that provides a flexible in-vehicle network that supports Wi-Fi, Ethernet, Bluetooth, and serial connections to P.C.s, tablets, and IoT devices, as well as a vehicle's diagnostic port. Cradlepoint NetCloud includes Unified Edge Security for highly secure access to applications, whether in the data center or cloud, to help keep mobile from becoming a new threat vector. Additionally, the R1900 also provides precision location data to drive critical back-office applications, such as fleet management. AT&T's nationwide mobile broadband network delivers fast and reliable 5G and LTE Advanced connectivity that keeps vehicles and field forces connected.

Manage Your Wireless WAN Your Way

While Cradlepoint NetCloud Manager provides I.T. teams with complete lifecycle management of their Wireless WAN, some organizations prefer leaving management up to someone else. For such customers, AT&T now offers the AT&T Managed Wireless WAN service. The new service provides proactive management of a customer's LTE and 5G enabled network, including Cradlepoint adapters and routers. 

"5G is the catalyst to ushering in a fast and agile Wireless WAN that will help transform how enterprise and government organizations generate revenue, streamline operations, and serve customers", states Ian Pennell, Chief Product Officer at Cradlepoint. "What sets Cradlepoint apart is our cloud-delivered and I.T.-centric NetCloud Service that integrates with existing infrastructures, like VPN and SD-WAN, and provides network admins with the visibility, security, control, and management they need to build and maintain a Wireless WAN."

What Others Are Saying

"At The Washington Post, we've embraced a culture that prioritizes speed and constant innovation," said Patrick Burton, Director of Enterprise Systems, Infrastructure, and Services at The Post. "Access to the latest high-speed technology is critical to our work, and equipping our journalists with 5G wireless technology allows them to efficiently transmit data-heavy elements from the field while in the 5G footprint."

"AT&T, together with Cradlepoint, are now able to deliver a portfolio of enterprise-grade 5G solutions to address a wider cross-section of branch and mobile use-cases and deployment scenarios", said Rohit Mehra, Vice President, Network Infrastructure, IDC. "The end-to-end 5G solution set, consisting of – network, data plans, edge devices, security, and management – are key considerations among enterprise I.T. stakeholders. AT&T and Cradlepoint are well-equipped to leverage the upcoming 5G-led transformation of the WAN and bring it into the mainstream enterprise I.T. environments across a wide array of applications - from primary or secondary branch backhaul and connectivity to mobile WAN deployments across the public sector and other industrial applications."


The new enterprise 5G solutions from AT&T and Cradlepoint are available beginning in May 2021. Businesses can contact their AT&T sales representative for more information.