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AT&T Brings New AR Stats Experience to the Chicago Bulls Team App

What’s the news?  AT&T* is working with the Chicago Bulls and Nexus Studios to roll out a new fan experience within the Chicago Bulls app that gives fans the ability to see immersive 3D stats during Chicago Bulls’ games.  

With AT&T StatsZoneTM  Bulls fans can view their favorite team and player stats of current and past games in a customized AR view on their smartphone. In addition, they will be able to send and share clips of their favorite stats highlights and milestone celebrations from the game to their friends, family and on social media. To see how it works, click here.

Why is this important? AT&T is continuing its work with the Chicago Bulls and the United Center to bring new 5G fan-centric interactive experiences to sports. Now more than ever, 5G and AR technology is playing a bigger role in sports. That’s why AT&T is introducing an innovative way fans can not only watch the sports they love but participate in immersive ways as well. 5G allows faster download of interactive data which creates more opportunity to deliver creative new ways users can tap into more of what they love.

“You can always count on AT&T to provide next-level fan experiences for customers watching their favorite sports teams at home,” said Jay Cary, VP – 5G Product and Innovation of Postpaid Wireless Products, at AT&T. “That’s why we’ve teamed up with Chicago Bulls and Nexus Studios to push the envelope and introduce the AT&T StatsZone experience.”

Where can I get it? Download the Chicago Bulls app from your preferred app store on your device. Once downloaded, open the app and AT&T StatsZone will be available for everyone to partake in while using the app.   

“The Bulls are always looking for new ways to create legendary fan experiences and it’s been fantastic partnering with AT&T and Nexus Studios on bringing StatsZone to life within our app. With the United Center not currently hosting fans, we’ve been focused on building at-home experiences around gamedays, and StatsZone is a really innovative use of AR technology to bring our fans closer to the action and provide them with cool personalized content around the players and stats that they care most about. We can’t wait to get this feature into the hands of our fans,” said Dan Moriarty, Chicago Bulls Senior Director of Digital

In its debut version, AT&T StatsZoneTM will bring fans a powerful connection to the game. Fans will be able to customize, edit and arrange their desired stats at any time during the live game and after, and can check stats for Bulls games for the past 5 years. It will also feature AR animations of game stats and celebration moments.  AT&T 5G Innovation will continue to develop potential future iterations which could include giving fans the ability to link to their fantasy team manager.

“5G enhanced technology is transforming the way we experience sports at-home and in-stadium,” said Luke Ritchie, Head of Interactive Arts & XR at Nexus Studios. “AT&T StatsZone is an exciting new product that enhances the live game by giving fans access to real-time stats that personally interest them. It’s great to continue pushing the
potential of new technologies with visionary partners like AT&T to bring cutting-edge experiences to the fans.”

AT&T introduced 5G services at the United Center in 2020 during NBA All-Star Weekend, including the AT&T 5G Courtside Cam that helped power the broadcast of the AT&T Slam Dunk Contest.  Now, AT&T StatsZone is introducing the first innovative feature within the Chicago Bulls apps. Later this year, AT&T will add photo and video captures with their favorite players, both on their device and via 5G in the venue.