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New And Existing Customers Can Get The Galaxy A52 5G For As Low As $5 A Month Or The Galaxy A12 For As Low As $1 A Month

What’s the news?  The power of AT&T’s* fast, reliable and secure 5G1 and Samsung’s cutting-edge technology come together in the Samsung Galaxy A52 5G smartphone. Additionally, the new Galaxy A12 using LTE technology is also making its debut at AT&T and Cricket Wireless. Each phone is designed to simplify your life and maximize your creativity, all while keeping you connected to your passions. Head to to learn more about the Galaxy A52 5G, then get ready to watch it and the A12 in action when they become available everywhere on April 9.

Is there an offer? We’re continuing to bring our best deals to everyone with these new smartphones:

  • Galaxy A52 5G: For a limited time, well-qualified new and existing customers can get the device for as low as $5/mo. on a 30-month installment payment plan at 0% APR with an AT&T unlimited plan. That’s a 70% savings!2
  • Galaxy A12: For a limited time, well-qualified new and existing customers can get this smartphone for as low as $1/mo. on a 30-month installment payment plan at 0% APR with an AT&T unlimited plan. With this deal, that’s more than 80% in savings!2

Who are they for? The Galaxy A52 5G is for anyone looking to stay connected in style on the AT&T 5G network – all at an affordable price. To kick it off, this model is the most durable in Samsung’s latest lineup, as it becomes the first A-series device that is dust and water-resistant thanks to its IP67 rating. With protection built into the phone, it’s only right that you have a secure network to match. With AT&T ActiveArmorSM, our wireless customers get 24/7 network security that proactively detects and helps block fraud calls and alerts you to suspected spam risks. In addition, free security apps such as AT&T Call Protect lets you create your own personal block list with custom settings and AT&T Mobile Security helps to secure your devices and data.

The A52 5G also boasts the strongest camera EVER in an A-Series smartphone. With its 64 MP lens, you can snap and share those high-quality, data-rich files faster than ever using AT&T 5G. When you’re not creating, you can sit back, relax and enjoy the latest movie on HBO Max in crystal clear quality on the super vivid 6.5” screen with FHD+ technology.3 If that wasn’t enough, that screen also has the highest refresh rate in the A-series lineup at 120Hz, making every swipe or scroll smooth and swift to match our wicked fast 5G network.

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AT&T is also welcoming the Samsung Galaxy A12 to the smartphone portfolio. This device takes advantage of our LTE technology, which has earned AT&T the distinction of America’s Best Network.4 It also features an immersive 6.5” display3, a steady multi-lens camera system, quad-core processing and a powerful 5,000 mAh fast charging battery to keep you going from dawn to dusk.

Both devices are also FirstNet Ready™, which means first responders can use them to tap into the power of FirstNet® - America’s public safety communications network. They are approved to operate with services using the dedicated FirstNet LTE network core.5

What can I pair them with? Complete the package with a case or portable charger to protect and fuel up your device whenever you need it. Or tune into the soundtrack of your life with the latest headphones or ear buds that will deliver high-quality sound whether you’re taking calls or staying active.

Today, AT&T also announced a new payment plan on accessories for customers. Now, if you buy more than $99 worth of accessories in-store, you’ll get the option to breakdown your payment over the course of 12 months with 0% interest, and no money down. Whether you bundle a bunch of accessories together or splurge on just one - this payment plan applies. Whatever you buy, you’ll have options for your budget.

It’s that simple. Buy now and pay later. It’s all part of our commitment to give customers more access to the things they love and connect them with the people, content, entertainment and experiences that matter to them most – all at a great value.

Don’t forget to visit to learn more about the Galaxy A52 5G on any of our unlimited wireless plans that include access to our nationwide 5G network at no extra cost. To learn more about AT&T 5G and where it’s available, visit For more information on the Galaxy A12, please visit on April 9.