DALLAS, March 26, 2024

AT&T Introduces AT&T Internet Airfor Business that Delivers Reliable Internet for a Low Price, with Our Best Wireless Speeds at Your Business Locations

Small, mid-size and large businesses can easily set up new fixed wireless broadband service in minutes, available nationwide

Key Takeaways:

  • Reliable and fast  
  • Built for business
  • Available nationwide
  • Cost-effective with simple plans and predictable monthly bills
  • Easy self setup in minutes

What’s the news?

AT&T* is introducing AT&T Internet Air for Business, a new fixed wireless service for small, mid-size and large businesses, powered by America’s most reliable 5G network.1

This new, flexible solution is both easy to set up and reliable. Whether you’re expanding business locations, building network diversity, or supporting business critical applications, it helps you stay connected to customers, suppliers and employees.

In just minutes, businesses can easily set up AT&T Internet Air for Business and be up and running. It’s plug-and-play with no drilling or coordinating with building management. You don’t need a technician to install it.

AT&T Internet Air for Business solves multiple business challenges. It can help you establish a primary internet connection where fiber is not available, in remote locations, or when temporary access is needed. It can also serve as a supplemental internet connection to distribute workload or as an alternate connection if primary wired network connection is interrupted. It’s available now to qualified business addresses nationwide.2

How much does it cost?

AT&T Internet Air for Business offers the best price3 when you have eligible AT&T Business wireless, simple pricing and plans, including no speed caps4, and no overage charges.

Customers can choose from two plans – each at a low monthly rate.  

  • AT&T Internet Air for Business Standard is $60 plus fees.
  • AT&T Internet Air for Business Premium is $100 plus fees and includes a higher level of priority for the first 250GB of data used in each billing period - a benefit when the network is busy5.

Plus, when you have an eligible AT&T Business wireless plan, you can get internet for as low as $30/month, plus fees.6

Why is this important?

Businesses of all sizes depend on connectivity to thrive, which requires a cost-effective and flexible approach. This low-cost solution with predictable pricing helps you effectively manage budget, avoid time consuming and costly installation. And, our highly secure wireless network provides peace of mind to support connecting your critical business applications, such as point-of-sale, and cloud-based activities.

Where can customers order the service?

Customers can learn more and order AT&T Internet Airfor Business today by contacting a sales representative or visiting an AT&T retail store. More information can be found at att.com/aiab.

What are people saying?

“In order for companies to grow, customers are telling us they need diverse connectivity options, the ability to connect new locations quickly, and are increasingly willing to adopt a converged connectivity approach,” said Mike Troiano, Senior Vice President, Product and Pricing, AT&T Business. “Together, AT&T Business Fiber and AT&T Internet Air for Business enables more business locations across the nation and delivers the value and flexibility businesses need from a leading nationwide broadband connectivity provider.”

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