The AT&T Foundries are fast-paced and collaborative environments. With innovation centers in Plano, Palo Alto, Israel and Atlanta, AT&T delivers applications and services to customers more quickly than ever before. 

This year marks the fifth anniversary of the AT&T Foundry! Over the next few weeks we will showcase the awesome work coming from the various Innovation Centers.  

Plano Foundry

It all started here. Opening our doors in 2011, we wanted to develop an inviting, open space that establishes an environment for collaboration and innovation – a fast-paced model enabling us to create and create fast.

What’s come out of the Plano Foundry? Connected Car Seat

Israel Foundry

Bringing innovation to life from across the globe. The Israel Foundry, which opened in June 2011, serves the flourishing Startup Nation. Working with teams in Foundry centers around the world, collaboration is the name of the game. This AT&T Foundry focuses on giving developers the tools they need to get the latest innovations and services into the hands of customers.

What’s come out of the Israel Foundry? App2Door, Rich Media Care. Flow Designer

Palo Alto Foundry

Silicon Valley is the hub for the tech industry, so it was a natural to fit to open an AT&T Foundry out West in September 2011. With an emphasis on collaborating with innovators and entrepreneurs, cutting-edge technologies unfold almost daily.

What’s come out of the Palo Alto Foundry? Prototyping Frameworks, Sound Safari, Drones Research, Futurecast Series

IoT Foundry

In 2013, AT&T became the first connectivity provider to open an innovation center devoted to the Internet of Things. But our IoT investment started in 2008 with a team dedicated to creating solutions that make your life easier and the future brighter.

What’s come out of the IoT Foundry? TUMI Luggage Tracker, Smart Bins, Temperature Monitor, Schneider Electric Charging Stations

Atlanta Foundry

The fifth Foundry opened in Atlanta in 2014, fueling the South with a launching pad for new ideas. This Foundry focuses on the Connected Home & Car solutions - and even technology that's helping build smarter cities, but like each center in the Foundry system, innovative ideas are propelled and explored every day.

What’s come out of the Atlanta Foundry? AT&T Drive Studio, Pilgrim Smart Connectivity, Execucast, Barnyard Math, Digital Life API Integration

Houston Foundry

Connected Health solutions will drive our newest Foundry located deep in the heart of Houston. Opening Spring 2016 on the Texas Medical Center’s campus, this Foundry will be a resource for TMC physicians and innovators, where we’ll collaborate to explore and advance technologies to better connect and support patients.

What can you expect from the Houston Foundry? Products like the Permobil Connected Wheelchair and AT&T Remote Patient Monitoring

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