AT&T is proud to announce the graduation of 12 veterans from Operation Hand Salute (OHS), a program committed to helping disabled veterans grow their small businesses.

AT&T’s OHS program is a 20-week educational and mentorship course executed by the John F. Kennedy Institute of Entrepreneurial Leadership and is designed to help disabled veteran-owned enterprises improve their business operations and their ability to win corporate contracts.

On November 18th, the fourth class will graduate from the JFK Institute of Entrepreneurial Leadership. Since it began in 2011, OHS has helped 62 service-disabled veteran-owned businesses.

These vets started their journey in February, when the application process began. Once selected, the best teachers and business professionals taught them valuable lessons. This program educated them on fundamental business practices to transform their corporate model and build meaningful mentor relationships.

The JFK program facilitated service-disabled veteran business owners to:

  • Analyze corporate plans and financials
  • Create a business strategy
  • Refine a business plan and offering
  • Structure management styles and marketing strategies

Toward the end of the 7-month course, the vets began building their final business plans. And on graduation day they will present these plans to AT&T, the program mentors and business owners at the JFK University campus in Concord, California.

We congratulate these vets on their hard work in OHS and we thank them for their sacrifices for our country.