We are committed to keeping our customers connected – even in the wake of unpredictable, catastrophic events. With more than $650 million invested in the U.S. and another $15 million invested internationally, our Network Disaster Recovery (NDR) program is one of the largest, and most advanced of its kind. Its sole purpose – to rapidly restore communications to areas affected by disasters.

Launched in 1992, our teams have spent thousands of hours in the field and responded to countless events – from fires and hurricanes, to tornadoes and winter storms.

Not only is this experience helping our customers, but Public Safety on FirstNet as well. By partnering with our team on FirstNet – the nationwide, wireless communications platform dedicated to America’s first responders and public safety community – we can deploy vital resources to ensure they can carry out their life saving missions.

Communications are vital before, during and after any event. Simply put, we are experienced; constantly perfecting the process and ready to respond at a moment’s notice.



Keeping customers connected

Always prepared

Business continuity planning


It’s essential our customers, employees, and stakeholders proactively plan to help minimize any potential impact to themselves and their businesses. We encourage customers to review our Business Continuity Handbook for tips on how to develop and improve their existing preparedness plans.

For additional information on products and solutions for businesses, please visit the Business Disaster Preparedness site.

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