AT&T Powers Exide’s Digital Transformation with Future-ready Network

Exide’s team leads its global digital journey with AT&T FlexWareSM and AT&T Cybersecurity services across 70 global sites

AT&T* is powering Exide’s digital transformation, the battery and energy storage company, with AT&T FlexWare. Our flagship network virtualization solution, primed for network edge services, is now in place across Exide locations globally including throughout Europe, North America and Asia Pacific.  

“Our global presence in today's fast paced technology environment presents the unique challenge of blending reliable legacy platforms with emerging digital solutions.  This requires a data transport infrastructure that supports a broad number of traditional and disruptive applications,” said Brian Woodworth, Exide Chief Information Officer. “AT&T is leading the way as a trusted and visionary provider of network edge solutions, so naturally we turned to AT&T to collaborate with us on our digital journey to become the preferred supplier to our customers across the globe.”

As a leading global provider of stored energy solutions, Exide delivers compelling solutions for the world’s current and future power needs. Exide manufactures and recycles batteries for a broad range of industrial and transportation applications including cars, boats, forklifts and uninterrupted power units.  

We’re delivering a highly secure future-ready network to Exide. This will allow the business to launch virtualized network functions quickly to improve productivity and communication across its sites, helping over 10,000 employees in 80 countries. 

“Our technology will give Exide the support it needs to continue operating at high standards and to prepare for new opportunities in a 5G world,” said John Vladimir Slamecka, AT&T Region President for Europe, the Middle East and Africa. “We’re building a platform that is ready for new data hungry apps made possible with the arrival of 5G; such as AR and VR. That’s why we are moving compute resources closer to the network edge, opening the door to new experiences and opportunities.”

Exide is also using managed network security services offered by AT&T Cybersecurity.

We’re offering customers like Exide unrivaled visibility and security through people, process and technology allowing them to better protect their global business.

Behind AT&T FlexWare

AT&T FlexWare is one of our core software-centric services from our edge solutions portfolio. Its near real-time service cuts long set up times and complex processes.

A&T FlexWare at the edge allows Exide to use both highly secure MPLS and internet access services for its network needs. Starting with network routing, Exide is able to access all wide area network components utilizing high bandwidth capabilities to help provide greater flexibility as the needs of each change over time. AT&T FlexWare also allows Exide to fulfil its IT requests centralized without needing local site support.

For more information about AT&T FlexWare, go to: https://www.business.att.com/solutions/Service/network-services/sdn-nfv/virtual-network-functions/

For more information about AT&T Cybersecurity, go to: https://att.com/security