Celebrating National Disability Employment Awareness Month

Electric toothbrushes. Amazon’s Alexa. Audiobooks. Keyboards. These everyday household and workplace items that are common for all of society to use were originally created with a specific audience in mind: people with disabilities.

In fact, some of our world’s renowned scientists—tracing as far back as Alexander Graham Bell, Thomas Edison, and more recently Stephen Hawking—were individuals with disabilities who gifted the world with life-changing innovations. Not only have these contributions been critical to the advancement of our nation, including technological innovations, but they have also progressed civil rights and inclusivity—for all.

National Disability Employment Awareness Month (NDEAM) is an opportunity to reflect on and celebrate the accomplishments and societal contributions of people with disabilities, and also acknowledge the important role that people with disabilities play in creating a diverse and inclusive workforce. Because we know that when this community is at the forefront of conversations, not only does the world benefit but the path to building a more inclusive and equitable society is paved.

At AT&T, we understand the importance of supporting and acknowledging the contributions of people with disabilities, not only because it aligns with our company value to Stand for Equality and creates a more inclusive workforce, but also because we know that when this community is supported and represented, innovative solutions are created. This NDEAM, we honor the contributions of our 7,000+ employees with disabilities and stand firm in our commitment to create a culture of understanding, awareness, advancement and advocacy for people with disabilities.

Lisa Collins, Director of Tax at AT&T, who suffered an accident five years ago that caused her to become a wheelchair user, discusses the importance of advocating for people with disabilities in the workplace:

It’s my passion, and also my duty, to advocate for others with disabilities in the workplace – whether it be a physical disability or not. Creating a culture of disability inclusion starts with each one of us. I am grateful beyond words for the AT&T resources that have allowed me to do my job well and continue to add value to my organization. I encourage other companies to keep people with disabilities in mind in all aspects of business – you will be a better company for it.”

People like Lisa exemplify AT&T’s commitment to creating an inclusive workplace where people feel heard, supported and empowered. For more information on how AT&T supports employees with disabilities and how our disability workforce is making a difference in the communities we serve, visit our Diversity, Equity and Inclusion website. 

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