Connected Car

AT&T is working to meet the needs of a growing number of tech savvy car owners looking for services that improve the driving experience. We launched two major initiatives to lead innovation in the connected car market. The first is a pioneering connected car innovation center in Atlanta, called the AT&T Drive Studio. We also offer a global platform, AT&T Drive, which is modular and flexible to allow carmakers to build unique solutions for its customers.

AT&T was the first major wireless carrier to launch a global SIM platform for cars. This platform lets automotive, individuals and Internet of Things equipment makers use a single carrier to wirelessly connect products across the globe.

We connect more than 50% of all new connected cars in the US.

AT&T continues to research and develop new capabilities to promote safe driving and productivity. To learn more, check out our innovation centers below.

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AT&T Labs Advanced Technologies goes beyond today’s current solutions to invent disruptive technologies that will drive future innovations. Learn more at


The AT&T Foundry works in projects combining business, design and technical resources. Since its launch in 2011, the AT&T Foundry has started more than 200 projects. Learn more at

Drive Studio

AT&T is the first carrier to open a dedicated facility for connected car innovation and research. To learn more, visit