AT&T recognizes that the world of sport, media & entertainment is far from equitable for women and minority groups. She’s Connected drives meaningful impact by improving access, increasing representation, and deepening their investment in women’s sport, media, and entertainment.

She’s Connected was established to channel our scale, resources and technology to drive gender equality progress.

The She’s Connected content series focuses on spotlighting the multi-dimensional nature of women athletes, specifically supporting athletes that have side-hustles, careers outside of their sport or philanthropic endeavors.

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AT&T celebrates the power of women changing the world

At AT&T we believe in the moments that connect us. And when those moments connect with an entire generation, progress happens. As those connections grow, so do the voices of women everywhere. Join AT&T in celebrating the power of women changing the world, and learn more about work we do every day to help raise the visibility and accurate portrayal of all women.

Addressing Gender Equality Barriers Through She’s Connected


Beyond a logo

AT&T has been committed to elevating the voices of women in sports and women in business by collaborating and sponsoring several gender equality programs and institutions. These drive not only awareness for women in sports, but create tangible impact.