One of AT&T’s core values is “Stand for Equality”. This comes to life through “She’s Connected” – AT&T’s sponsorship approach to gender equality. Ensuring that our contributions enable meaningful connection, we are committed to using our scale and brand to elevate and increase the accurate portrayal of women and girls in marketing, advertising, media, sports and entertainment. Building relationships rooted in technology, professional development and the amplification of content, She’s Connected sits alongside our industry leadership roles and ongoing work with #SeeHer and #SeeHerInSports.

Our brand takes action through various partnerships, like our sponsorship of the WNBA and our role as a WNBA Changemaker, AT&T Unlocked Games, our work with the USWNT and programs such as our recently launched “She’s Connected by AT&T” content series featuring Chiney Ogwumike, Sue Bird, Maria Fassi and Alex Morgan. This series focuses on spotlighting the multi-dimensional nature of female athletes, specifically supporting athletes that have second jobs, side-hustles or careers outside of their sport.

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AT&T celebrates the power of women changing the world

At AT&T we believe in the moments that connect us. And when those moments connect with an entire generation, progress happens. As those connections grow, so do the voices of women everywhere. Join AT&T in celebrating the power of women changing the world, and learn more about work we do every day to help raise the visibility and accurate portrayal of all women.


4% of sports coverage is devoted to women's sports and 0.4% of sponsorship dollars*; even though 85% of sports fans - women AND men both - want to see more women's sports. 


In 2019, only 24% of respondents from a survey of game developers identified as women in the United States.But women account for 46% of all game enthusiasts.2


Research has shown that having women in leadership roles is good for business - companies with female leaders often perform better on the stock market than those led by men. 


Beyond a logo

AT&T has been committed to elevating the voices of women in sports and women in business by collaborating and sponsoring several gender equality programs and institutions. These drive not only awareness for women in sports, but create tangible impact.