Our Global Approach

AT&T is a diversified, global leader in telecommunications, media and entertainment, and technology.


AT&T is committed to fulfilling our responsibilities in relation to collection, retention, use, and other processing of personal data. Personal data will be processed only for lawful and appropriate purposes. AT&T has implemented measures designed to ensure security of personal data and to prevent unauthorized or accidental access, erasure, or other misuse. AT&T will facilitate exercise of individual rights in an effective and transparent manner.

Most of AT&T’s customers outside of the US and Mexico are enterprises to which we provide business services. For most of these enterprise customers, our written agreements and product or service guides contain privacy provisions about confidentiality, purposes of processing, security, and handling of information. When one of these agreements differs from the AT&T Privacy Policy, the terms of the agreement apply, in compliance with local laws.

Many countries or regions have laws or other requirements that govern privacy. AT&T issues specific privacy notices to address these matters.  These apply in the stated countries or regions.  For example, we have issued notices to address the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), Brazil’s General Data Protection law (LGPD), and New Zealand’s Privacy Act. These apply to (1) data subjects affiliated with our enterprise customers in the European Economic Area (EEA), as well as Switzerland and the United Kingdom; Brazil; and New Zealand and to (2) Europe-based, Brazilian, and New Zealand users of ATT.com. 

Additionally, AT&T has data protection officers (DPOs) or individuals of similar function as required by country or regional law. Our DPOs may be contacted at AT&TDPO@att.com.

Individuals seeking access, restriction, correction, or deletion of personal data may also contact us at: DataRequests@amcustomercare.att-mail.com.

Business customers can submit requests on behalf of the customers they serve via: BusinessDataRequests@amcustomercare.att-mail.com.

AT&T Communications Company and Corporate employees should refer to the International IHR Onestop Privacy page for further details. Former employees, applicants and others who have performed work for AT&T in the EEA, Brazil, or New Zealand can direct questions to the international human resources mailbox.

We have posted answers to frequently asked questions about cross border data transfers as part of AT&T’s privacy program.

For those with general privacy questions related to our operations in the EU, Brazil, and New Zealand, we can be contacted at: AskPrivacy@att.com.