AT&T Privacy FAQs

What is the purpose of AT&T’s Privacy Notice?

Whenever you do something like buy or use one of our products or services or visit our websites, information is created. Because we know privacy is important to you, we have the AT&T Privacy Notice to explain how we collect, use, protect, and share that created information. Thus, the main purpose of the Notice is to help you understand our relationship and how we can deliver and improve the services we offer.

What choices do I have?

AT&T provides all consumers in the United States with the below choices pertaining to their personal information, which can be exercised by visiting our Your Choices and Controls

  • Do Not Sell
  • Access or Delete
  • Correct
  • Control Sensitive Personal Information
  • Port my Data

Where can I learn more about my state’s rights?

To learn more about your state’s respective rights, visit our State law approach page.

Where can I learn more about AT&T’s Privacy Principles?

If you’d like to learn more about AT&T’s commitment to privacy, visit our Privacy Center.

What is Global Privacy Control?

Global Privacy Control, often abbreviated as GPC, is a digital tool that can be found on certain browsers and browser extensions. Its primary function is to communicate automatically with websites, signaling your preference not to be tracked or have your personal data sold. To identify if your browser supports this tool and to discover how to activate GPC, you should visit the official Global Privacy Control website.

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