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Our Global Approach

AT&T is a diversified, global leader in telecommunications and technology.

AT&T is committed to fulfilling our responsibilities related to the collection, retention, use, and other processing of personal data. Personal data will be processed only for lawful and appropriate purposes. AT&T has implemented measures designed to secure personal data and to prevent unauthorized or accidental access, erasure, or other misuse. AT&T will facilitate exercise of individual rights in an effective and transparent manner.

AT&T’s customers outside of the US and Mexico are generally enterprises to which we provide business services. For most of these enterprise customers, our written agreements and product or service guides contain privacy provisions about confidentiality, purposes of processing, security, and handling of information. When one of these agreements differs from the AT&T Privacy Policy, the terms of the agreement apply, in compliance with local laws.

Many countries or regions have laws or other requirements that govern privacy. AT&T has adopted a “most of world” approach to privacy regulations. We have identified the common elements of numerous privacy laws and extended these to support our products and services around the world. But even in this common approach, we have accounted for unique, additional, or variant aspects of the laws of each country in which we offer services.

A necessary part of this approach is transparency.  Therefore, we have issued the AT&T Business Customer Privacy Notice - Most of World, which applies to data subjects affiliated with our enterprise customers in all countries other than the United States of America, and the AT&T Website User Privacy Notice – Most of World for such users of These notices explain AT&T’s processing activities, including our transfers of personal data, and extend rights to all individuals who come into contact with AT&T’s enterprise services. AT&T supports individual rights as to the processing of personal data, and we offer effective avenues to exercise those rights:

General questions related to AT&T’s global privacy program may be emailed to:

Additionally, AT&T has data protection officers (DPOs) or individuals of similar function as required by country or regional law. These DPOs are part of our company and part of our global privacy program, but are also available as a resource to individuals. Our DPOs may be contacted at AT&