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California Business Customers

AT&T Business Workers

AT&T may sometimes collect the personal information of a California resident in their role as a Business Worker. A Business Worker is a California resident who is a job applicant, employee, director, officer or independent contractor of a business that purchases business services from AT&T.

In these cases, the Business Worker may exercise the following privacy rights through that business:

  • Ask to view (access) the personal information that we have through the provision of the business service
  • Ask us to delete it, subject to important exceptions
  • Request a correction of inaccurate information

AT&T does not share or sell personal information linked to our business clients, including sensitive personal information.

The Business Worker will need to contact the business, who will submit the request to AT&T on their behalf.

AT&T Business Customers

An authorized individual on the business account may contact AT&T to submit a privacy request by email at, or call us at 866-595-7427.

We’ll need the following information in order to process the request:

  1. The authorized individual submitting the request for the business
  2. Contact phone number
  3. Business customer company name
  4. Best time to be contacted
  5. Business Worker’s name
  6. Business Worker’s relationship with the company (such as employee, owner or contractor)
  7. Type of request (Access, Delete or Correct the information)

To learn more about the California Privacy Rights Act:

Frequently asked questions

  • What actions can I take?

    A business, on behalf of a Business Worker, may:

    • Submit a request to access, delete or correct personal information that AT&T may have on the Business Worker in their business role.

    AT&T does not share or sell personal information linked to our business clients, including sensitive personal information.

  • Can anyone make these requests?

    At this time, a Business Worker can make business-related requests through an authorized individual on the business account. The authorized individual can submit a request by email at or by phone at 866-385-3193.

  • How long do requests to view (access) Business Worker information take?

    We'll work as quickly as possible to issue the report in 45 days. We'll let the business know if it will take longer than 45 days.

  • What information does AT&T have about Business Workers?

    We use business data to do things like bill for service, deliver service and provide special offers for the business. Here’s some of the data we may have:

    • Business contact information the business has given us, like billing address.
    • Authentication data like user name and password to access business services.
    • Data from our services the business has used, like phone and internet.

    Most importantly, we use strong safeguards to keep your data safe and secure. Want to know more about the data we have and how we use it? Learn more at the Privacy Center.

  • What happens when a Business Worker asks for their data to be deleted?

    We process requests by following California law. Keep in mind that it allows us to keep data for things like:

    • Running the business.
    • Security and fraud protection.
    • Compliance with legal obligations.

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